Offices can be fairly stale environments for some, where the ability to customise or personalise your own space is extremely limited. Having your own mug has always provided a point of conversation, even humour within the workplace and sharing a coffee or cup of tea is also an important social element to your daily lives. Selecting a mug that captures your favourite artwork will bring some much needed colour to your desktop as well as allowing others to know a little more about your interests, some of which might also be theirs as well. There is a great variety of products available under this topic, with some sellers offering standard mugs with a single photograph across the front, whilst others creating beautifully crafted cups that perfectly match the style of the particular artist.

We have all been sat at work, slightly bored and looking to order something to give us a lift. Office products such as stickers for your laptop, tea coasters or the mugs discussed here can be great for that, and without costing too much money. You might also buy an art fan something like this as a leaving present, with it being a fairly safe bet that they would like it. Another point to consider is that by having your own mug it will always be easier to identify it, as many will go lost within the office, and everyone will pretend that they have not seen it, even if it was they who took it in the first place. A truly unique mug will much more likely resurface and allow you to continue to use the same item each and every day.

Always check copyright permissions, as these are required in order to sell anything with the work of Dali on it. There are some institutions who own specific paintings from his career and then they are naturally able to reproduce pictures of it on products such as these. Invariably, they will offer a higher quality product in order to strengthen their own brand, where as the likes of Amazon will have a great variety of third-party sellers who will provide items of varying quality from right across the world. It is important to use trusted sellers so that copyright is not infringed and normally you will receive a better product for doing so, anyway. We do ourselves make small commissions when our visitors go on to purchase items from any of the links provided in our website.

Which artwork might you choose for your mug, with so many available? Well, some of his most popular choices include Soft Watch At The Moment Of First Explosion, Person at the Window and Hallucinogenic Toreador, though there are hundreds most to see. Dali would produce a good dozen major paintings every year, sometimes more, as well as a good selection of items in other mediums too. He was hard working, passionate, and entirely dedicated to life as an artist. He also worked out how best to benefit financially from his career and did so in order to finance a fairly luxurious lifestyle which was entirely in line with his carefree and eccentric character. Not sure what he would of made of seeing these paintings on the front of mugs, but he was very much a commercially-minded individual who tried to make as much out of each design as possible, particularly in later life with his jewellery and sculptures.

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