Whilst drawing skills were the basis of all of his art, his painting ideas and techniques came from the Renaissance period, which has been influential on many famous names from the art world. He even incorporated some of their specific work into his own unqiue style.

Dali was an ambitious and open minded artist whose career went far beyond the oil paintings found here. He was also involved in film, sculpture and photography to various degrees, always looking for new ways to use his creativity.

The nearest comparison with Dali would be fellow Spaniard, Pablo Picasso, who offered similar innovation, variety and productivity over an extended period of time. They both produced Cubist work, whilst Picasso was more on the fringes of the Surrealist group. Dali was also involved with Dadaism along with George Grosz and Marcel Duchamp.

This section provides some of the most famous Salvador Dali paintings as a summary of his career, with more available throughout the website. There is also our Dali sculptures section.

This artist remains the most significant exponent of Surrealism, with other notable contributors including Rene Magritte, André Masson, Max Ernst, André Breton, Yves Tanguy, Giorgio de Chirico and Joan Miró.