The art brings out confusing images that may take time for one to understand its contents. It is more of a puzzle image. Dali used different colors of painting together with oil to paint this art on a piece of canvas of dimensions 1.15 m and 1.44 m. The outlook of this painting contains an image of a dish full of fruits, an illusion of a face and an image of a dog on a beach. The face image is a combination of a face with a bowl as the forehead and the nose is made from the stem of the bowl while the face has an eye that appears like a shell which makes the beach portrait visible.

Despite the image being on a beach, there are other features on the background such as clouds on a mountain at the furthest end of the portrait while just beneath the dog's neck the is a presentation of a traditional home compound and some images of a naked adult standing at the entrance of a building and a small child reaching on something from a higher height. There is also an image of a railway or a bridge from the collar of the dog which goes into the sea. This image tries to bring out some hidden sense in the combination of all these images. The art portrait is a presentation of color combination that gives the image a bright and attractive outlook.

Later, Dali moved to Spain where he met Luis Bunuel who was an art director. Luis helped Dali do his very first piece of film art. He then met Chuck Close and Richard Estes who greatly inspired him by praising Dali’s style of painting that he even became a patron saint of this artist's popular movement. Despite his great artistic work, Dali’s work was greatly objected by Breton who claimed that this portrait was an image that depicted sexual acts which made Dali leave the artistic group. His upbringing also leads to his passion for art painting together with his love for food. The portrait was credited by Julien Levy gallery of New York.