The work is better known by its shorter title, Flight of a Bee, and was painted while he was living in America with Gala, his wife. The image depicts a sleeping woman who is naked, and was modelled on Gala.

In the image she is somehow flouting within a stunning seascape, and over what is believed to be the Mediterranean Sea. Below her, also floating, are two distinctive drops of water, as well as the bee in question and the pomegranate, which are also mid air.

Above the sleeping Gala is the portrayal of her dream, that appears to explode from a pomegranate.

We see a fish that ejects from his mouth two ferocious tigers, as well as a bayonet. As an observer, it is this striking image that alerts us to the fact that the roar of the tigers and the firing of the bayonet will eventually rouse her from her troubled slumber.

Dali was well known for representing on canvas his theories of Freudian analysis and the Dream Caused By The Flight Of A Bee Around A Pomegranate, clearly depicts this Freudian theme.

The true beauty of this image is in the fact that it is open to many different interpretations, depending on age, sex and life experiences.

Many art critics also believe that the image works upon an entirely different level to that of Freudian theory, in that Dali was expressing his new found experiences with atomic energy.

It would appear that dream imagery was still the main focus of his work. The image is that of nightmares and terror, rather than that of peaceful dreams.