What is Salvador Dali famous for?

He is best known for his surrealist paintings, featuring melting clocks and other items inspired from the deepest parts of his mind. He also produced films, sculptures and jewellery over a long and highly respected career. Earlier paintings were in the impressionist, expressionist and cubist styles.

What was Salvador Dali's personality?

He was both eccentric and extravagant. He had great self-confidence from an early age.

What media did Salvador Dali use?

Most of his paintings were produced using oils, though he worked on creating some of these materials himself in order to get precisely the right effect in his work.

Did Salvador Dali have kids?

No, but several people have attempted to claim, unsuccessfully, that they were a child of his.

Where is Dali buried?

He is buried in a crypt in Figueres, Spain, close to where he was born and first baptised.

Where was Dali born?

Salvador Dali was born in the town of Figueres, Spain. It lies in the North East of the country, close to the French border.

When was Dali born?

Salvador Dali was born on the 11th of May, 1904.

Who is Salvador Dali's wife?

Dali married Gala in 1934, five years into their relationship and remained married until her death in 1982. She played a major role in his career, serving as his agent and model.

Who was Salvador Dali friends with?

He was a popular figure who had many friends and connections within the art world. He worked with Miro and Picasso on many occasions but also had a number of friends who served as patrons, such as bankers and politicans who liked to be connected with this fashionable individual and he, in return, would sometimes benefit from their wealth and generosity.

How many times did Dali get married?

Only once, to Gala.

When was Dali married?

They married in 1934, having initially dated since 1929. She was married at the time to a French poet, which is why it took some time to arrange their own marriage. It was a civil ceremony.

Did Dali have any siblings?

Salvador had two siblings, a younger sister called Anna Maria and an older brother, also called Salvador, who sadly died before he was born.

Why did Dali marry gala twice?

Their original wedding was a civil ceremony and so they chose a more religious occasion second-time round.

Where is the Salvador Dali Museum?

There are a number of museums dedicated to the work of Salvador Dali, though the most famous would probably be Dalí Theatre and Museum in his hometown of Figueres, Spain. The artist is also buried here. Depending on your location, you may well also be interested in The Dalí in Florida, USA, the Salvador Dalí House Museum in Girona, Spain, Dalí Paris and also the travelling exhibition titled Dalí Universe.