The technique used in the first days of spring painting was surrealism. This technique is used to show how things can be if looked from a different perspective. In the first days of spring painting, it is about Dali's childhood and imagination. In the middle of the painting, there is a collage of Dali's childhood picture. Salvador Dali used oil and collage on a wood panel to make this creative painting. The use of collage on a painting is one of the most amazing skills of an artist. In the painting, the collage blends in with painting that it is hard to say what's real and what’s not. There are two collages used in the painting one is Dali's childhood picture, and the other one is the ship’s deck behind the two figures on the lower left of the painting. No one commissioned the first days of spring painting as this was Dali creation of his imagination. He wanted to show the art of imagination and dreaming and reflected it on the painting.

The First Days of Spring painting are owned by the Salvador Dali museum in St. Petersburg Florida. The painting shows a clear image of a creative mind of Salvador Dali. Most of the images in the painting are believed to be in connection with Dali's childhood. The First Days of Spring painting were inspired by the work of Sigmund Freud the interpretation of dreams. Sigmund feud stated that the source of fear and desire could be found in people’s childhood experience. This painting tries to depict the awakening of Deli at a young age. The painting shows a lot of stories that can be found in a person’s imagination. Additionally, the painting shows that your childhood experience can shape your future.