They have curved out of their thoughts of birth on various paintings. Dali did one such picture in 1953. Many have tried to interpret the 1953 painting that was done by Dali and was titled Geopoliticus Child Watching the Birth of the New Man. The mysterious picture has a lot to offer with it. From the painting the artist brings out allot of superstition into consideration. The first glance at the painting is never enough to understand what the painting is about. However, the individual needs to have a look at the picture more than once to come up with a conclusion. From the picture, we can come up with the following that the piece art describes the traditional religion of a particular place.

With the region being either Africa or South America. This is because from the painting we can see a man coming out of an egg. The walls of the egg has two visible ccontinents Africa and South America hence the conclusion that the environment might be Africa or South America. From the painting, we are also able to see that the region might be experiencing drought or famine. This is so since the two characters available in the painting are skinny and look starved. From the painting, you're able to see the character thought to be the mom showing the child the egg. As the man tries to hatch out of it, the mum attempts to explain to the child the process of birth.

We can say that from the egg is well taken care of since it's on a mat and is protected from the Sun using a shade. We can conclude that the community valued Birth and regarded it as something special. The Geopoliticus Child Watching the Birth of the New Man by Salvador Dali is well detailed to the point that; the painter shows us a shadow of the two characters. The painter is also able to blend in colors appropriately. He has a good choice of colours and knows what to mix with what. This colour choice describes the environment, thus allowing us to make several conclusions about the atmosphere of the painting. The painting portrays the painter as an individual who is well informed about geography since he can give an almost exact image of two continents.