The artist took a great deal of time, reconstructing the warrior's eyes into embozados.

The embozados, an authentic institution in Castle hid their face from the curious, with their cover.

Salvador Dali, one of the most famous Spanish painters of all time, and one of the most important character in the history of modernism. His amazing talent and different personality helped him grow above the rest of the artists of the 20th century.

His artwork can be seen everywhere around the world. His distinct art works are some of the most famous paintings of the 1900's. His liberated and unmanageable attitude towards art and politics were different from other painters.

Dali is known to be a famous surrealist and illustrating this idea through paintings and art works. The majority of his work displays an array of dream sequence, which he frequently draws hallucinatory characters.

His major offering to the surrealist movement is named the "Paranoiac-Critical Method", which is a type of psychological exercise of acquiring the subconscious parts of the mind to have a creative inspiration.

Dali began painting at the young age of 10. His first famous piece came about when he turned 13. His early works were mainly landscapes around his homeland.

In the 1930's Dali painted paintings he is most famous for. When painting, the artist used a method called Paranoiac Critical.

It allowed him to adjust the levels of reality and see everything in another way. Dali was different from other surrealist painters. His paintings were of a conscious reality. The paintings describe familiar images shown in strange situations.

He called them "hand painted dream photographs", as they were the figures of hallucinations. Dali was inspired by the work of art of Michelangelo and Diego Velazquez.

The artists health began to decline and died of a heart failure on January 23,1989 at the age of 89. He will forever be remembered for his remarkable work of art.