It was larger than its successor measuring approximately 25 by 21 inches. The second image with this title was completed in the year 1936, and it measured 12 by 13 inches in size. Both paintings had the same name but their subject matters, techniques used and style were entirely different. The two images are currently at the famous Dali Museum. Morphological Echo paintings depict various surrealist images that contain minimum architectural settings and designs. At a far distance, you can see a wall with a bell that looks like a woman figure wearing a bundled skirt.

The painting features an eroded strange rock towards its centre, and at the lower right of the woman-like figure, Salvador Dali painted an image that was termed by many as the most significant element of the art. The figure below the woman casts a shadow of itself, and it seems that the arms were merging into the circle above the head of the figure.

Morphological Echo is an oil panel painting that was executed in two phases. The first version was painted in 1934 while the second one in 1936. It mainly deals with shapes and space. Salvador’s first painting features a small figure at the lower right of the woman-like figure running with a significant hoop. The second edition depicts three images placed on a table in a row form with six additional horizontally placed figures seemingly suspended in the space behind the table. All the six images are arranged in two rows of three items each.

Also, there is a similar likeness between the nine figures depicted. The painting displays an illusionistic stage where Salvador Dali aligned all the nine objects in three rows mapping the entire coordinates of the precise grid. Morphological Echo reflects Salvador’s interest in the philosophy of Jacques Lacan and the theory of paranoia. All the paintings can be found at the Salvador Dali Museum, St. Petersburg in Florida. They are currently owned by Reynolds Morse who gave out a loan for their costs so that he could display them. The painting was executed on a canvas with oil. Its current dimensions are 64cm by 54 cm or 52 by 21 inches.