The middle-aged woman sits behind a decorative stone wall, leaning on it as she stares into the distance. She is raised above the background behind, which sweeps across a great expanse of land. She looks stunning in a red dress which features a single strap over the shoulder and a pretty broche which she wears at the point that the strap meets the main part of the outfit. It is elegant and one immediately develops an impression of the Warner couple being rich and well connected, even without knowing anything about them at this stage. Her hair is also styled 'up' as if going out for a private function.

The stone wall by which she sits is signed by the artist as he would often find elements within the composition with which to leave his name, rather than only ever dropping it in one of the corners, as with most other artists. It was another opportunity for him to display his creative drive. There are stunning horse designs inscribed on the nearest side of this wall. In the background we find a desert-like landscape which provides the warm palette that he used so frequently. There are two figures about half way back who are particularly small, allowing the artist to demonstrate the perspective within this scene. The look up at some surrealist form of buildings at the back. Furthest away are the rolling hills which helps us to identify this landscape as being inspired by Dali's upbringing in North East Spain.

Dali would later go on to produce a Portrait of Colonel Jack Warner around seven years later, underlining his long friendship with this couple. To have a portrait painted by Dali was a huge priviledge and also helps to impress people even today, adding a certain level of respect and honour to your whole family name. Those fortunate enough to see the portrait of his wife at the Morohashi Museum of Modern Art in Fukushima will also normally have the opportunity to find original artworks from a number of other notable artists including Sisley, Cézanne and Renoir. They hold over three hundred items from Dali himself, making it a must-see for fans of the artist.