Most of the pieces done by this painter have featured in various art galleries, and art expose. One such painting that comes into mind is the infamous artist is titled Slave Market with the Disappearing Bust of Voltaire by Salvador Dali that was done by the enthusiast of the in 1940. The painting features slave trade which had been common since the beginning of time. Though blurry and unclear you can see the trader, the market and the slaves. The environment of the painting is uncivilized.

This is because most of the characters in the picture are fully nude or half nude. This enables us to differentiate between the traders, the slaves, and buyers. The background of the painting can tell us that the paint was done in a yet developing civilization that had significant control over slave trade. The art displays total inhumanity that was being practiced back in the days. The name of the painting also describes to us time and when the piece of art was painted.

Though sad and inhumane, the painting offers a lot to the audience. It not only describes the artist but also brings in the sense of entertainment and enjoyment of art. The painting leaves most individuals who see it gaped. This is because the artist Is able to bring in emotions in the painting. When you have a look at the painting, you can imagine yourself to be one or all of the three characters namely the trader, the slave and the as the buyer.

The artist makes the painting more attractive by blending the colors more effectively. He is able to manipulate the colors and mix bright colors to make the painting more attractive and beautiful. The painting has featured both bright colors within it thus bringing in balance in color. One can derive various conclusions about the piece art. However, the most effective is the thought of the slave trade that was common in ancient times.