Most options available online are straight choices of printed calendars in standard formats. These tend to go for around £20 or £15 each and many can be found on Amazon, who are one of the partners that we use from time to time, paying us small commissions. The beauty of art calendars is that even after the year that they serve has passed, you can still easily continue to re-use them as the painting prints add plenty to your home. You might not even care about using the date formats, and just essentially use them as collections of famous posters. Their price is also highly affordable and one might choose a different artist each year, as a means to learning more about the most famous paintings from American and European art.

There are some customisable options available in some cases, where one might want to choose the specific artworks that are displayed through the calendar, and perhaps even the order in which they appear. Most tend to be happy with pre-printed ones, but some prefer to get a little more hands-on. After the year has finished you might even consider pulling the individual sheets out and placing them around your home independently of each other. In that case, a larger format would be much better, as they types of products can come in all manner of different sizes, depending on where you intend to hang them and how much space you have available.

One might wonder why Dali is so specifically popular for art products? Well, his surrealist approach is particularly modern and popular, and so his work is suited to many tastes. The younger generations seem particularly interested in this art movement. Additionally, he regularly used bright colour schemes which would work better on your wall, adding colour and excitement to your home, even for those who are not particularly interested in art history itself. There is also the considerable fame enjoyed by this artist, with his household name ensuring he is in the minds of many of us when thinking about the right type of artist to go for. He also produced a large amount of work across his career, meaning there are many different artworks to pick from when one puts together a calendar in this way.

There is a variation in quality from different retailers, so it is always worth taking your time to pick the right item. For example, the better ones will feature higher definition images which will better display the original qualities of each artwork, and the general presentation aside from that should also be better. There are several well known brands that can be trusted and you may even have purchased from these particular companies before and so have a good expectation of what you'll get. You might also make note of customer reviews which, when trustworthy, can also be a great help in seeking out the right calendar for your home, with some people even putting up photographs of their own purchases hanging on their walls in order to better describe what you will get.

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