Writing products are often easy to customise for retailers, who will normally just amend the front cover and perhaps the colour scheme, whilst the pages inside will be fairly consistent across all different products. There will be different sizes available, and your choice will depend mainly on the function that it is intended to serve. Some prefer to jot ideas and thoughts down similar to a diary, whilst others need larger pages that can be used for artistic expression. To have images of your favourite artists or paintings on the front cover might just help to inspire your own creative mind, and perhaps that is why so many of these are bought online every single day of the year.

There are a variety of different covers available with a whole host of different sellers online. Many third party sellers can be found on Amazon, for example, and we sometimes receive small commissions from them if you purchase any of their products via this website. Most will have reviews available on their products which is an important way of deciding which store to go with, as quality can vary considerably from one to the next. Some of these are international sellers, and so be careful that you know where the item is being sent from as otherwise it can be a bit of a pain to send things back if you are unhappy with what you receive.

As a further note, when looking for a gift idea, notebooks are a handy option as most people will find them useful in all manner of different ways. For those interested in art, then a Dali diary or notebook could be well received, and his surrealist style seems to remain most popular with younger generations who prefer contemporary art from the start of the 20th century up to the present day. They also tend to prefer bright colour schemes, which are also present in much of his best work. All in all, there is much to see and enjoy here but our advice is always to seek out copyright approved items in order to protect the artist's legacy as well as ensuring a greater likelihood of quality in the product that you eventually receive.

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