Whilst being very much a traditional form of entertainment, there is still a great following for jigsaw puzzles and they can cater for all manner of different generations. They are particularly popular amongst the very young and the elderly, both of whom have more time spare to enjoy such things. The generations in between tend to be more technology-focused and also have their days filled with work and study in the main. In the case of Dali, he is a relatively recent artist and therefore all of his work is still subject to copyright, meaning only a few stores are able to sell products with pictures of his work on them. It is best to avoid rogue sellers who ignore the law in this way, as invariably the quality of their products is much lower.

There are several options available to you with regards selecting your puzzle. They come in different standards of wood, as well as different shapes of pieces. There is also the number of pieces to consider, with the more you have, the harder the puzzle becomes. Most children would be suited for relatively simpler puzzles where the artwork is also not too complex, otherwise they may become frustrated and bored. Older people may be willing to spend more time and also have a better understanding of how to complete them, and so could go for puzzles with several thousands of pieces. The artwork that you choose may also dictate how many pieces are necessary, as art varies greatily between simple abstract shapes and highly detailed history paintings, for example.

Some of the artworks that we have seen for sale as jigsaw puzzles have included all of the artist's best known works, such as Persistence of Memory, Elephants, Disintegration Of The Persistence Of Memory, Rose Meditative. Sellers tend to focus only on the most well known artworks so that they do not end up with too much stock that they can't sell and so spread their collection across all major artists, with a small selection from each one. This also attempts to cover the mainstream market, where most people are only really aware of each one's best known works anyway, although some have customised services which could potentially allow you to order items that are not a part of their standard displays. For the real art-purists, this could be necessary to avoid having to plump for artworks that you are maybe over familiar with. In all, it is best to shop around and see what you can find, as there may be other Surrealist artists that also appeal to your tastes as well.

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